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Providing your rats with new experiences is not only fun for them, but it's extremely rewarding for you too! 


It only takes a little work & a couple days to create a fun box that allows your rats to scavenge for edible seeds and dig in animal safe dirt.



Do not use soil or dirt that has been outside or contains chemicals or pesticides.


Supplies Needed:

Container or Box


Wheatgrass Seeds



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Supply List


Available at any local store or dollar store

Eco Earth Soil

100% Animal Safe

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1. Follow the directions that come with your wheatgrass seeds. Most seeds must be soaked for 8 hours, drained, and left covered until they begin to sprout.


2. Fill your container with soil or dirt.

If you are using Eco Earth, follow the direction on the package in order to properly expand the brick of dirt.


TIP: If you want to avoid messes, leave plenty of room at the top of the container so dirt cannot be kicked over the top.


3. Scatter the freshly sprouted seeds on top of the soil. Water daily until the grass is at the desired length This usually takes a few days.


4. Let your rats come to explore their new dig box. They may eat the grass and the seeds. You may see that your rats are natural diggers as they kick dirt everywhere!


5. If your rats are anything like mine, your dig box won't last very long before it's been picked clean! Start the process again!

Wheatgrass Seeds

Edible Human Grade

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