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Beat the heat during the hot days by allowing your rats to fish for their favorite treats! We have other ideas (click here) too, but treat fishing is a sure favorite.


For less than $5 you can have an exciting enrichment activity that can be used again and again!


Supplies Needed:

Paint Roller Tray or Other Container



It's as simple as that!



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Supply List

Paint Roller Tray

Available at any local store or dollar store

I love these because they create a deep end and a shallow end, allowing your rats to decide how deep they want to go!

You can use other containers too!

It's important to choose a container that holds water without leaking and won't tip over easily


Frozen peas, dried mealworms, cereal, etc



1. I recommend putting a towel down first and placing the paint roller tray or container on top.


2. Fill with water. 

If using the paint roler tray, fill all the way. If using a different container, fill with 1-2 inches of water.


3. Toss in your rats favorite treats


4. Add rats and let them play!


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