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MyRatFriends Disclaimer

Thank you for using my website to discover proper care and enrichment opportunities for your rats! There is a lot of information regarding pet rats available online and I urge everyone to find sources that you are comfortable with. While I have done my best to provide safe and accurate information, I believe that everyone should search the web for other opinions. I recommend doing this for anything and everything - not just pet keeping! 

I hope you enjoy your visit and are inspired to bring more enrichment to your ratties' lives!

Terms of use

The Website was created as a simple resource for rat lovers, by a rat lover (not a vet or other certified professional). While we do our best to ensure the information on our site is correct and safe, we cannot be held liable for the accuracy or usefulness of the content. By using this site, you agree to hold harmless from any loss, harm, injury, or damage resulting from your use or reliance of information on the site. The goal of the "terms of use" page is to keep ourselves safe from potential conflicts that may arise.

The Content

All images, text, and content on is copyrighted and may not be shared, reposted, copied, or saved without written permission from the site owner. You may ask permission by emailing

Affiliate Links

Providing a free resource for new or inexperienced rat owners takes a lot of time and money. Since we want to keep our site ad free, we will occasionally use affiliate links to promote products. Please keep in mind that we ONLY promote items that we personally use. The affiliate links are designed to provide us with a small advertising payment once you make a purchase (at no extra charge to you). While the income we make from these affiliate links is very minimal, it does help us pay for website hosting, resources (like creating the rat cage calculator), and more.


We occasionally sell products in our shop section. All artwork and products posted are owned by the site owner and artist respectively. Payment is done by credit card or Paypal account through Paypal. pays a small fee with each purchase to Paypal. We ship on Saturdays and cannot be held liable for the package once it has been shipped out. We have the right to cancel orders for any reason and at any time - although a full refund will be given. is operated by a small business owner that once owned an online clothing store. She believes in selling products ethically and will do her best to ensure each customer is happy with their order and the product received. 


If at any time you feel that you cannot abide by our terms of use, or if you disagree with anything written above, please discontinue using immediately.






Instagram Giveaways

Our instagram giveaways are not associated with Instagram. We simply host them on Instagram to provide our followers with a chance to win prizes. You must be 13 years or older to enter, or have parental permission. 



Rats have short lifespans and it's up to

us to give them the best lives possible!

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