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You've decided to open your heart and home to rats for the first time. Rats are typically considered easy pets, but there's really no such thing as an easy pet (except, maybe, a goldfish). Aside from the time and attention they require, you will need to do weekly cage cleanings and ensure they always have food and water available.
To help you on your journey to owning rats, I've put together a product list outling the bare minimum supplies needed to care for your rats.


The cage is the most important item you will buy for your rats. They will spend the majority of their lives in the cage, so it's imperative that you do your research and choose a great one. Visit our Cages Page for more suggestions.

You & Me Rat Manor

2 Rat Maximum

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Critter Nation Single

5 Rats Maximum

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Choose a food that is healthy and makes for a balanced diet. Avoid mixed foods that allow rats to eat only their favorite pieces. Visit our Food & Treats page for more information.


Adult Rat Food

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Rat & Mouse Diet

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Ceramic food bowls are chew-proof and difficult for your rats to tip over. For these two reasons, I recommend them over plastic bowls. You can choose to scatter feed your rats, allowing them to forage and find their food. But bowls are a cleaner option as it keeps food separate from urine and feces. Visit our Bottles & Bowls page for more suggestions.

Living World

Ergonomic Food Bowl

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I recommend water bottles instead of water bowls for your rats as it keeps the water free of contaminants. Although bottles are attached to the outside of the cage, some plastic bottles can be chewed. Glass bottles are a great alternative. Visit our Bottles & Bowls page for more suggestions.


Glass Bottle

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There are many bedding options for rats, such as paper, aspen wood shavings, fabric, litter pellets, and more. I recommend paper bedding for first time owners, but please make sure the bedding you choose is baking soda and fragrance free. Visit our Bedding & Litter page for more suggestions.


Paper Bedding

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Paper Bedding

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Critter Space Pod

Plastic Pet Bed

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Natural Detergent

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Plastic Hideway

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You should clean the cage, and the contents inside, at least once a week. While you may use hot water and dish soap, never use bleach or other harsh cleaning chemicals. When washing cloth and fabric, such as soft hammocks, use a chemical free detergent and hot water.

Healthy Habitat

Spray Cleaner

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The items above are considered the BARE MINIMUM for owning rats
I urge you to go above and beyond to give your rats the happiest and healthiest lives possible.
Continue browsing the site for more information - including how to litter train rats, picking out fun toys, bonding with your rat, and more.
Please always keep 2 or more rats at a time.

It's a good idea to have at least 1 hammock or hide per rat. This allows each rat to have personal space, resulting in less cases of territorial aggression. Hammocks and hides provide enrichment as well. Visit our Hammocks & Hides page for more suggestions.

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