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PayPal Processes Your Payment

You do NOT need a PayPal account to use PayPal's services.

We use PayPal as it provides a convenient way to accept payments from around the world, converting foreign currencies automatically.


Your Information is Safe

Any information entered onto this site will NEVER be shared or sold! Occasionally we will use a trusted third party to print and distribute a product (like our available coffee mugs), and we will need to forward your information to them for shipping. We will ALWAYS notify you of this in the product description.


Shipping Policies

As this is a small hobby shop, we will be shipping based off your purchase price. For example, all orders $1.00 to $5.00 will have a $2.50 charge for shipping and handling. This includes the price of shipping by USPS as well as our costs of the envelopes, boxes, tissue, etc, used to package your product.

Once the package leaves our hands, we cannot be held responsible for it if it goes missing during transit. Shipping outside of the US has it's own shipping rates. Shipping prices are subject to change at any time - up or down, to reflect current USPS prices.


The Shop Is Run By A Former Business Owner

As a former online clothing store owner, I have a strong set of ethics that I'm bringing to the shop. However, this shop is purely for fun! My goal is to provide affordable and cute rat products to rat lovers around the world. You matter most to me... not your money! Expect top notch customer service!



Please read before placing an order with

Rats have short lifespans and it's up to

us to give them the best lives possible!

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