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Rats love sleeping in hammocks and love crawling through hides and tunnels! It's recommended to have at least 1 hammock or hide per rat incase they want their own space. Lack of personal space can lead to territorial aggression in some rats.

Hammocks & Sleepers

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You can purchase hammocks at most pet stores or you can easily make your own!

Hanging cubes are great for rats because they can feel secure and safe while they sleep. It's a nice alternative to classic hammocks.

Flat hammocks are the most popular hammock design, and are easy to make - with sewing skills or without!

Spacepods/Sputniks are a sure favorite of rats and are perfect for avid chewers as they're more difficult to destroy.

Hides, Houses, and Tunnels

Rats love small spaces where they can feel safe and secure. Plus, tunnels are fun for them to run through!

Soft tunnels are cozy, but some collapse under the weight of climbing rats. Reinforced tunnels are a great option.

Plastic hides are easy to wipe clean, and more difficult to destroy if you have chewers.

Wooden tunnels are great as they provide a safe way for rats to chew. Since wood holds urine and cannot be easily cleaned, they may need to be replaced more often than other options.

No Money? No Problem!


You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your rat's cage a fun, mentally stimulating environment!


Click here to see a list of Free DIY Toys

As with anything you place with your rats, always check for loose threads and small parts that can pose a strangling or choking hazard. Inspect all rats toys and hammocks while they're in the cage, and check again after each wash. If you notice excessive chewing, remove the object from your rat's cage immediately.

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