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It's recommended to have at least 1 hammock/bed/tunnel/hide per rat in case they want their own space. Lack of hammocks may lead to territorial aggression in some rats.

Rats love sleeping in hammocks and running through tunnels!
Click here for great hammock tutorials that you can make yourself - even with minimal sewing skills.
If you'd prefer to buy hammocks, continue below! I have personally purchased from all the shops listed and have written honest reviews according to my experiences.
Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts

Hammocks, Cubes, Pumpkin Cubes, Choobs, Cage Condos, and more

Quality: The Best!

Location: UK / Ships Worldwide

Price Point: $9 - $25



Fuzzbutt is the place to shop if you want high quality for great prices. All of the designs are reinforced and quilted, making them sturdy and more difficult for rats to destroy. All items in the shop are premade and ship out quickly.


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Crackers Cozies

Hammocks, cubes, snuggle sacks, hanging tunnels, bonding pouch, play tunnels, and more

Quality: Great!

Location: UK / Ships Worldwide

Price Point: $9 - $60



Crackers Cozies has one of the most diverse product lines including bonding slings and playtime tunnels (like the one pictured). You get great quality for very affordable prices. While the turn around time was about 2 months, Hebe had lovely customer service and kept in touch.


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Rat Attack Team

Hammocks, tunnels, corner hammocks, cuddle sacks, double hammocks, and more

Quality: Great!

Location: US / Ships Worldwide

Price Point: $6-$12



Rat Attack Team has a smaller product selection than most, but definitely has the best prices. The quality is great and the turn around time was incredible! My custom order was created, shipped, and delivered in under a week! 


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I recommend searching for hammocks on Etsy. You can support a small business and get cute hammocks for your rat friends!

Washing your hammocks


Wash your hammocks with fragrance free, chemical free detergent.

I recommend Eco-Me as it is made with all natural ingredients and isn't tested on animals. 


Purchase Eco-Me Detergent

Always check your hammocks for loose threads and chewed fabric. Both can be a choking hazard AND rats have been hung because of this. Avoid using towels as hammocks because the threads have been known to amputate toes. It's important to look over every item you buy and check it again before and after each wash.

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