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Rats need to get out of their cage for at least 1 hour every day. This provides them with mental stimulation, exercise, and a change of scenery. Not only is playtime fun for them, but it's extremely rewarding for you too! 


You can easily create an exciting space for your rats whether it be in a bathrub, bathroom, on your bed, or in your entire bedroom.



Rat proof the area! This means removing any dangerous objects, poisonous substances, and electronic cords. Cover any holes that your rat may squeeze into. Keep in mind that rats can fit into most spaces that their heads can fit into. 



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Toys to add to your play area

Super Thru-Way Tunnel

Purchase Tunnel

Cat Tree Condo

Purchase Tree

Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard Shipping Tube

Purchase Tube

Critter Castle

Purchase Castle

Playtime Conveniences

When your rats are out for playtime, they still need water and a spot to go potty. If they are litter trained, they will use a litter box outside of their cage as well.


Litter Box

Purchase Litter Box

Free Standing Water Bottle

Purchase Bottle

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