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If your rat is sick or injured, please consult your veterinarian.

Suggestions for Sick / Elderly Rats

Emergency Kit for Rats

1. Storage Box


  • The storage box should have a lid that securely shuts

  • Store in a dry spot away from direct sunlight

  • Keep it away from your rats as they may chew into it

Sterilite Latch Box

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2. Towel/Washcloth


  • Use it to clean wounds or stop bleeding

  • Swaddle your rat when giving medicine, force feeding, or caring for wounds

3. Scale


  • Weigh your rat for proper dosing

  • Make sure it measures weight in grams as most medicine will be dosed accordingly

Kitchen Scale

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4. Jar of Baby Food


  • Mix in medicine for easy feeding

  • Feed sick or elderly rats

5. Syringe (no needle)


  • Measure medicine for proper doses

  • Give medicine orally

  • Feed sick or elderly rats baby food

Syringe (2 pack)

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6. Dark Chocolate


  • Dark chocolate temporarily relieves symptoms of respiratory illnesses

  • Use 65% cacao or higher

7. Q-Tips


  • Clean wounds

  • Apply ointment

8. Nutri-Cal


  • It is a high-calorie dietary supplement

  • Feed to sick or elderly rats to maintain weight and proper nutrition

Nutri-Cal for Kittens

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9. Corn Starch or White Flour


  • Use to stop bleeding (for example: use on bloody toes)

10. Vet Information

  • Vet address and phone number

  • Emergency clinic address and phone number

Extra Tips!


Keep the crumbs and dust in the bottom of rat food bags

  • Mix with baby food to feed sick or elderly rats


Print out dosing guides

  • Amoxicillin guide here

  • Ibruprofen guide here

  • Doxycycline guide here


Purchase a "hospital cage"

  • Separate sick or injured rats

  • Choose a 1 level cage to avoid falls

  • Easy access doors avoid unnecessary strains on your rat(s)

  • You may use a tank or aquarium as a temporary hospital cage

Recommended Hospital Cage

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