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The kit is good for a variety of issues such as respiratory infections, bumblefoot, open wounds, external parasites (mites, fleas, ticks, lice), sprains, etc.


Like any pet, rats can become injured or sick suddenly. In order for your emergency kit to be effective, purchase all supplies listed ahead of time - BEFORE your rats need it.

Many of the medications listed are only available with a precription or by ordering online. You will waste valuable time waiting for an order to come in when you could have been treating your rat.

1. Storage Box


  • The storage box should have a lid that securely shuts

  • Store in a dry spot away from direct sunlight

  • Keep it away from your rats as they may chew into it

Sterilite Latch Box

Purchase on Amazon

2. Towel/Washcloth


  • Use it to clean wounds or stop bleeding

  • Swaddle your rat when giving medicine, force feeding, or caring for wounds

3. Scale


  • Weigh your rat for proper dosing

  • Make sure it measures weight in grams as most medicine will be dosed accordingly

Kitchen Scale

Purchase on Amazon

4. Jar of Baby Food


  • Mix in medicine for easy feeding

  • Feed sick or elderly rats

5. Syringe (no needle)


  • Measure medicine for proper doses

  • Give medicine orally

  • Feed sick or elderly rats baby food

Syringe 10 Pack

Purchase on Amazon

6. Dark Chocolate


  • Dark chocolate temporarily relieves symptoms of respiratory illnesses

  • Use 65% cacao or higher

7. Q-Tips


  • Clean wounds

  • Apply ointment

8. Nutri-Cal


  • It is a high-calorie dietary supplement

  • Feed to sick or elderly rats to maintain weight and proper nutrition

Nutri-Cal for Kittens

Purchase on Amazon

9. Corn Starch or White Flour


  • Use to stop bleeding (for example: use on bloody toes)

10. Amoxicillin (Fish Mox)


  • Antibiotic used to clear bacterial infections such as respiratory illness

  • For emergency

10. Doxycycline


  • Antibiotic used to clear bacterial infections such as respiratory illness

  • Weigh your rat and follow proper dosing guidelines. Click here.

11. Ibuprofen / Children's Motrin


  • Reduces inflamation and decreases acute pain

  • Weigh your rat and follow proper dosing guidelines. Click here.

12. Cat Revolution

  • Kills external parasites such as fleas, lice, and mites

  • Weigh your rat and follow proper dosing guidelines. Click here.


Canada Vet

13. Vet Information

  • Vet address and phone number

  • Emergency clinic address and phone number

Extra Tips!


Keep the crumbs and dust in the bottom of rat food bags

  • Mix with baby food to feed sick or elderly rats


Print out dosing guides

  • Amoxicillin guide here

  • Ibruprofen guide here

  • Doxycycline guide here


Purchase a "hospital cage"

  • Separate sick or injured rats

  • Choose a 1 level cage to avoid falls

  • Easy access doors avoid unnecessary strains on your rat(s)

  • You may use a tank or aquarium as a temporary hospital cage

Recommended Hospital Cage

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