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In normal cases, we recommend that your cage be large enough to ensure that each rat has 2.5 cubic feet of space. You can visit our cages page for more information on permanent housing solutions.


What is a hospital cage?

A hospital cage is a temporary cage used to house sick or healing rats. Occasionally a hospital cage may become permanent in the event that you have an elderly or special needs rat. It is also great to have on hand as a quarantine cage for new rats - click here to find out why quarantine is important.



No Levels or Shelves


Avoid levels and shelves as they can cause rats to fall and consequently injure themselves.


Stick to single level cages.

If your rats love to climb the sides of their cage, you may opt for a tank or aquarium instead. 

Easy Access Door


Choose a cage with a large enough

door that you can easily remove your

rat through.


Small doors will put unecessary strain on your rat as you take them out.

1/2 inch Bar Spaces or Smaller


Recommended for hospital cages and permanent homes alike, cages should have 1/2" bar spacing or smaller.


Most rats can squeeze through anything larger. 

I recommend this cage as it has the 3 important features listed above AND gives plenty of space for a sick or injured rat.





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