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Many rats owners use fleece instead of traditional bedding substrates like aspen and paper litter. While fleece is eco friendly, machine washable, and looks pretty, it doesn't do a great job at absorbing urine. Fleece

Fleece is reusable and cost effective. For rattie respiratory reasons, please do not use fleece unless your rats are litter trained.

Fleece is a common and preferred bedding in the rat community. While well liked for it's ability to be machine washed and reused, it is important for your rats to be litter trained prior to using fleece. Daily spot cleaning may be necessary in order to remove stray poops from the fleece. 


To wash your fleece, use a natural detergent that is fragrance free. I recommend Eco-Me.

Aspen Wood Shavings

Aspen is the only wood bedding that you should use for your ratties. Other wood shavings are not safe (more information on unsafe beddings at the bottom of the page).

Doctors Foster & Smith

Aspen Bedding

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Aspen Bedding

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Native Earth

Aspen Bedding

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Paper Bedding

Shredded Paper bedding is completely safe for your pets but may need to be changed often as it clumps when wet.


Crushed Paper Bedding

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ONLY buy "Natural". Carefresh bedding with odor protection contains chemicals that are not good for rats.


Shredded Paper Bedding

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Virtually dust free which is great for their respiratory systems.

Small Animal Litter

Litter pellets are great for using with litter boxes in your rat cage, or for using as bedding.


Paper Pellet Litter

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Virtually dust free which is great for their respiratory systems.

I recommend 100%!

Some beddings can harm your rats or make them seriously sick.
Do NOT use PINE, CEDAR, or any bedding or litter containing BAKING SODA. Avoid scented beddings as rats have sensitive respiratory systems.
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