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Are rats the pet for you?

Rats are the puppies of the rodent world! Known for their friendly natures, intelligence, playful personalities, and hilarious habits, rats make great pets for all ages.

This is a website dedicated to rats - so I'll try not to be biased while writing this! If you have the time, space, money, and love to give, rats are some of the best small pets you can have.

First: Ask Yourself

1. Are you willing to get 2 (or more) rats?

Rats cannot be housed alone - they need companions.


2. Are you prepared for a free-spirited animal that doesn't like being held?

Most rats prefer to climb on your shoulders and chest rather than being trapped in your hands. If you are looking for an animal to cuddle and pet, a great lap pet is a guinea pig!


3. Can you provide a suitable cage?

Proper cages have 2.5 cubic feet of space per rat and have levels. Aquariums/tanks and hamster cages aren't suitable for rats. Click here to try our Cage Calculator.


4. Are you willing to provide vet care?

Rats are prone to a variety of illnesses and may require vet care during their lives. An exotic vet is the best choice as they are often properly educated about small pets and own the proper equipment.


5. Do you have an hour a day to devote to your rats?

Rats need out of cage time for an hour a day - minimum. 


6. Will you promise to love your rats forever & ever during their short lifespans?

If you answered YES to every question above... you may be ready for rats!!



+ Pros or Cons -

Positive or Negative? You decide!

Rats are like mini puppies

They are energetic, love attention, chew everything in sight, and love getting into trouble!


Rats chew...everything!

Your favorite shirt? They'll bite a hole in it. Your phone charger? I hope you have another!

Rats love to chew...and chew...and chew. A small price to pay for a whole lot of love, don't you think??


Rats need space

You cannot plop rats in an aquarium or small cage. They need 2.5 cubic feet of useable cage space...per rat! Visit our cage page for more information on how to properly house rats.


Rats need play time out of their cage

Don't keep your rats confined to their cage! Rats need play time for at least 1 hour each day.

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