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It's never too late or too early to learn more about rats.

Our site has health information, bonding tips, a litter training guide, cage calculator to

determine how many rats can live in your cage, and more! 

What food on the list should you NEVER feed a rat?

Correct Answer: Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is toxic for rats. For a complete list of foods that are unsafe for rats, click here.

How do rats keep their teeth at a healthy length?

Correct answer: They grind their teeth together.

The action of grinding their teeth is called bruxing, something they also do when happy.

Do dwarf rats exist?

Correct Answer: Yes, it's a mutation like dumbo ears

For more information regarding dwarf rats, click here.

How often do female rats go into heat?

Correct Answer: Every 5 days

Female rats go into heat, or estrus, every 5 days. This causes a noticeable difference in their energy levels. This is when a female rat is receptive to mating with a male rat. During this time your rat may have more energy and may mount other female rats.

What answer best describes what a fancy rat is?

Correct Answer: A domestic Rattus Norvegicus

Many people think that rats with dumbo ears are not considered fancy rats, but this is untrue. Whether they have dumbo ears or standard ears, rex fur or none at all, they are still fancy rats.

What is the gestation (pregnancy) period for a rat?

Correct Answer: 19-23 days

In normal circumstances, the time from conception to birth is 19 to 23 days.

What bedding substrate listed is the ONLY safe bedding for rats?

Correct Answer: Paper Bedding

You should never use cat litter, pine, or cedar bedding. For more information on beddings that are safe, click here.

True or False: Rats are less likely than dogs and cats to transmit diseases.

Correct Answer: True

Domestic rats are LESS likely to transmit diseases than your household dog or cat! They're even cleaner too!

Which of the following is NOT true about rat tails:

Correct Answer: Used for brushing away bugs (flies)

Rats use their tail for both balance and releasing heat, but they do not swat at bugs like a cow or horse.

True or False: Rats with red eyes are blind.

Correct Answer: False

In most circumstances, rats with red eyes cannot see as well as other rats. They often sway their head as they try to focus. But they are not blind! They function perfectly fine with their limited vision by relying on their other senses.

Compare your answers with the correct answers below!

Rats have short lifespans and it's up to

us to give them the best lives possible!

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