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It's never too late or too early to learn more about rats.

Our site has health information, bonding tips, a litter training guide, cage calculator to

determine how many rats can live in your cage, and more! 

How do you plan to pick up your rat?

Correct Answer: Scoop under its belly OR Let it crawl onto my hands

You should NEVER pick up a rat by their tail as it can cause severe damage such as degloving. The proper way to pick a rat up is by scooping your hands under their belly or allowing them to crawl onto your hands.

Your rat chewed your favorite shirt, your phone charger, and the carpet in your room - what do you do?

Correct answer: I'd buy them more chew toys

You cannot stop a rat from chewing, although you can train them not to chew on your things. Provide them with plenty of chew toys as rats have been known to chew for up to 30 minutes each day!

What type of cage will you choose?

Correct Answer: A spacious cage with multiple levels

Rats need approximately 2.5 cubic feet of space per rat! Large cages with multiple levels are great while tanks, hamster cages, and one level cages are not. Find the perfect cage by visiting our Cage page. Then check to see if your cage is big enough by using our Cage Calculator.

What food will your feed your rat?

Correct Answer: Lab blocks with veggies

The majority of your rat's diet should be lab blocks supplimented with fruits and vegetables. For help choosing a suitable food, click here.

How many rats will you have?

Correct Answer: A pair (2) OR At least 3 OR 4 or more

Always keep more than one rat as single rats can experience depression and illness due to being alone.

What bedding will you use?

Correct Answer: Paper bedding OR Fleece

NEVER use pine or cedar in your rat cage. Paper bedding is safe as well as fleece. To choose a bedding, click here.

If your rat gets sick and the vet says it will cost $100 to cure your rat, what will you do?

Correct Answer: I have a vet fund already saved OR I'd sell my stuff. Rats are more important.

The second you bring home a pet, you are promising to take care of it. This includes ensuring it gets proper medical treatments so that your pet does not suffer. Prepare a vet fund for emergency situations, or look into health credit like Care Credit.

How often will your rat eat block or mixed food?

Correct Answer: They will always have access to it

Rats should ALWAYS have their base diet available. While mixed foods aren't the best, they are better than nothing. To find a good base food for your rat, click here.

How often will you take your rats out of the cage?

Correct Answer: An hour a day

It's important to take your rats out every single day for exercise, enrichment, and bonding.

What do you want from your rat?

Correct Answer: I want it to be playful and loving

Each rat has a different personality, but for the most part you can predict that your rat will be both playful and loving. If you want a rat that cuddles in your lap, you should instead get a guinea pig or two. If you just want to watch them from within their cage, I recommend getting a couple of fish.

Compare your answers with the correct answers below!

Rats have short lifespans and it's up to

us to give them the best lives possible!

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